What the real mail monitoring status means


When you send mail with Royal Mail using a tracked service, your item is scanned at various points on its journey.

• Recommended - As soon as Royal Mail has details on a package being sent to their systems, the tracking results will be "Recommended". As soon as the item enters the Royal Mail network, it will receive a tracking scan and the recommended status will change to "In Progress"

• Recommended for post office collection - The parcel tracking results show "the recipient was advised to collect from the post office" and the driver left a card. What do I have to do now? To make sure your package has been safely delivered, we need a signature. If this is not possible, the driver will leave a card with details of the local post office where the package is securely stored for you to pick up the next working day.

• Attempted Delivery: Our driver called to deliver the package, but was unable to get anyone to sign at the address. They will have left a card with details on what they did and the next steps you need to take. It is likely to be taken to a local post office to be securely held for pickup (the card will provide post office details and our website tracking will be updated when our driver has delivered the package and is available for collection) or for collection at our warehouse. The card will explain whether further delivery will take place automatically or if you need to contact us to make arrangements for the receipt of the package

• In transit: Your item is passing through our network. This message can cover several stages of your journey. You'll see more details about its location and status when you enter your reference number.

• Delivered to your address or a neighbor: We have delivered the item as addressed or to a neighbor. If we leave the article with a neighbor, we will leave a "Something for You" tab to tell you where it is. You may see this message even if your item was delivered to a business or business address. We will leave a "Something for You" card if we cannot deliver the item to the business address. If you don't have the article or card, check with your coworkers or in the mail room to see if anyone accepted the article on your behalf.


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